Where we pedal, paddle, explore, stretch, laugh, discover, observe, create, give back, make friends and have fun!

At Let’s Get Out we have a few guiding principles for our programs:

We believe that exposure to the outdoors is a bridge that connects people to natural places.
It is through adventuring and playing outside that we teach respect for ourselves, our peers and our environment.

While it’s great to have fun, it’s important to give back too.

At Let’s Get Out we focus on a multi-pronged summer experience through a variety of adventure sports and outdoor exploration. While teaching, we focus on equipment, safety, technique and having fun. We use exploration and adventure sports as a vehicle to teach deeper values such as self-respect, compassion for our peers and land stewardship.

Our goal is for the outdoor adventure to be transformative. We capitalize on interpersonal relationships to maximize teachable moments. Our programs for older children have a service component. Our intention is to give children the tools and opportunities to think beyond themselves in a meaningful way and to connect with our home in the Gorge. Whether building a trail or learning water quality monitoring skills on the Columbia River, we expose children to the value of stewardship.

Let’s Get Out is a project of Hood River Community Education.