Summer 2019

Due to high demand we are offering an additional 8-10 year old Adventure Camp Aug. 26-30. See below for details and to register!

Let’s Get Out Forest and Farm (ages 6-9)

Forest and Farm is a full-day outdoor day camp where children visit working farms and the neighboring wild forest, uncovering the connections and relationships between them. Back for the fourth year partnering with Kaye of Broadfork Farm, this summer will take us on a deep dive into each weeks theme as we run, climb, track, mimic, dig, plant, create, harvest, cook, build, collect and observe.

Each session, children will investigate and care for farm animals like chickens, ducks, alpacas and pigs and learn about their wild cousins. We will work and play in the dirt, harvest food, make delicious snacks, create artistic treasures and play games while we cultivate a sense of curiosity and wonder in our youngest campers. Kids with many different interests enjoy this camp. We maintain flexibility to meet the needs and interests of the children- to move, to build and create, to draw, read and rest. Our days at the farms and forests we visit are created with children’s unique sense of wonder and curiosity in mind.

Each day follows a theme for the week and includes time to explore, to get into deep play, to create, move bodies and quiet time to rest and read stories. The weeks build on one another, kids are welcome to attend both!  We love our kids and families who join us year after year. Lisa and Kaye look forward to these joyous days all year long- sign up to find out why.

Session 1 June 19-21 9:30am-3:30p $240

**with the recent announcement of the adjusted school calendar for Hood River Schools we have adjusted the dates and price for Session 1.

Belonging-click to register

What makes us feel good? Where do we feel at home? Where do we belong? This week, using our Farm and Forest lens, we will be looking at animal habitats and homes, seeing how they belong, and when they don’t.  Alongside, we will explore where  humans belong, how they find and make homes, and sometimes take long journeys to find where they belong.  And what about us?  We will build homes with our own two hands!  This week will find us playing, climbing, building, eating, exploring our way through the gorge.  We will visit the Dufur Pioneer Museum, a local orchard, the foothills of Mt Adams, and a friendly furry barnyard.

*Please choose dates carefully. $40 cancellation fee applies.

Session 2 June 24-27 9:30am-3:30pm $320

Nourishment-click to register

This week we will dive deep into the concept of nourishment- what we, and the living beings around us need to live well.  We will explore how we care and tend for our own bodies, how we care for the animals in our world, and especially how we care for the earth and it cares for us.  This week we will be foraging, gathering, fishing, and making delicious snacks everywhere we go.  We will visit the Trout Lake Abbey, the foothills of Mt Adams, the vibrant Columbia and back again.

*Please choose dates carefully. $40 cancellation fee applies.

Let’s Get Out Adventurers (ages 8-14)

Let’s Get Out Adventure camp is a full-day outdoor day camp. We introduce and expand kids knowledge of adventure sports while fostering an appreciation for our unique area. Each day, participants will take part in a different adventure while exploring the Columbia Gorge Area. Instruction will be provided on each activity including the operation of equipment, utilizing common sense and risk assessment. Meanwhile, we will work with children to resolve conflicts with kindness, physically and mentally challenge themselves, support one another and cultivate their ability to work as a group.

Class includes white water rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, swimming hole exploring, shelter building, wilderness awareness skills, team building, and service project activities.  Leave No Trace Ethics are taught throughout the week. The week also includes a stewardship project with a local agency or non-profit. Stewardship projects help children understand the larger picture of land management, volunteerism, natural resources and the importance of giving back. Activities may vary due to weather conditions. All equipment and transportation is provided.

July 8-12 Ages 8-10 co-ed  $450 click to register

July 15-19 Ages 11-14 girls only $450 click to register

July 22-26 Ages 8-10 co-ed $450 click to register

Aug 5-9 Ages 8-10 girls only $450 click to register

Aug 12-16 Ages 11-14 co-ed $450 click to register

New Dates! Aug 26-30 Ages 8-10 co-ed $450 click to register

*classes meet 9 am-4 pm each day

*Please choose dates carefully. $40 cancellation fee applies.

*Let’s Get Out is a program of Hood River Community Education.