Summer 2020

COVID-19 Update for Summer 2020

6/10/20 Update: It is with heavy hearts that we are announcing the cancellation of all our summer programs.

Camp is all about playing, learning, exploring, and connecting together. We high five, help one another out, share equipment, play games. We just can’t offer a socially distanced experience that fits our mission to bring people together outside in a way that feels like the camp we know and love.  

A recent romp about outside with a few kids in masks further illustrates the unworkable nature of masks on kids in 90 degree heat. That combined with the recent COVID-19 spike in numbers in Hood River County has led us to the decision to cancel all our camps for summer 2020. 

To help you get through the summer with your kids at home, check out Let the Kid Guide: Putting Nature Back into Our Lives co-written by Lisa Kosglow and Margot Angstrom. The book highlights many of the concepts we use at camp to connect kids and adults to the natural world through play, curiosity and wonder. Shoot us an email if you’d like a copy.

Let’s Get Out Forest and Farm (ages 5-10) CANCELLED FOR 2020

Forest and Farm is a full-day outdoor day camp where children visit working farms and the neighboring wild forest, uncovering the connections and relationships between them. Back for the fifth year partnering with Kaye of Broadfork Farm, this summer will take us on a deep dive into each week’s theme as we run, climb, track, mimic, dig, plant, create, harvest, cook, build, collect and observe.

Each session children will investigate and care for farm animals and learn about their wild cousins. We will work and play in the dirt, harvest food, make delicious snacks, create artistic treasures and play games while we cultivate a sense of curiosity and wonder in our youngest campers. Kids with many different interests enjoy this camp. We maintain flexibility to meet the needs and curiosities of the children — to move, to build and create, to draw, read and rest. Our days at the farms and forests we visit are created with children’s unique sense of wonder in mind.

This year we will be joined by two new guides who bring a wealth of experience to share.  Anna Diem is an occupational therapist, mother, nature lover and educator in the Reggio tradition.  And growing with the age of our oldest campers (now ages 9 & 10), we have guide, Kenji Stasiewicz leading activities along the wild edges of our larger group. This elder cohort has age appropriate hands on activities and games- with a two-fold focus.  First on practical survival skills and woods know how. And second, cultivating each child’s inner light, developing skills for team work, and playing a leadership role in our community of kids and beyond.

Each day follows a theme for the week and includes time to explore, to drop into deep play, to create, move bodies and quiet time to rest, read stories or create art. The weeks build on one another, kids are welcome to attend both!  We love the relationships we build with our kids and families who join us year after year. Our staff looks forward to these joyous, playful days all year long- sign up to find out why.

Session 1: Kindness June 15-18 9:30-3:30 pm $320 CANCELLED FOR 2020 

Younger kids Ages 5-8 co-ed Register Here

Older kids Ages 9-10 co-ed Register Here

What does it really mean to be kind?  How can we cultivate kindness as a lifelong practice?  Kindness to ourselves, to other people, to animals, and practicing kindness to the earth.  Why is it important in this world we live in? This week using our Farm and Forest lens we will explore kindness inside out– on the farm, in our community, and in wild nature.

This week will find us playing, climbing, building forts, eating, exploring our way through the gorge.  We will visit the Alpacas and beautiful grounds of the Trout Lake Abbey and the forested foothills of Mt Adams. *Please choose dates carefully. $40 cancellation fee applies.

Session 2: Resilience June 22-25 9:30-3:30 pm $320 CANCELLED FOR 2020

Younger kids Ages 5-8 co-ed Register Here

Older kids Ages 9-10 co-ed Register Here

What does it mean to be resilient? To not just survive but to thrive; to be flexible and adapt, to learn to grow and change and dance with life!?  What can we learn from plants and animals about resilience? From other humans? Why is it important for our lives?

This week we will be using our Farm and Forest lens in an exploration of resilience.  We will be playing, climbing, building forts, eating, and exploring our way through the gorge.  We will visit the Alpacas and beautiful grounds of the Trout Lake Abbey, the forested foothills of Mt Adams, and the Dufur Pioneer Museum to see what we can discover. *Please choose dates carefully. $40 cancellation fee applies.

Let’s Get Out Adventurers (ages 8-14) CANCELLED FOR 2020

Let’s Get Out Adventure camp is a full-day outdoor day camp. We introduce and expand kids knowledge of adventure sports while fostering an appreciation for our unique area. Each day, participants will take part in a different adventure while exploring the Columbia Gorge Area. Instruction will be provided on each activity including the operation of equipment, utilizing common sense and risk assessment. Meanwhile, we will work with children to resolve conflicts with kindness, physically and mentally challenge themselves, support one another and cultivate their ability to work as a group.

Class may include white water rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, swimming hole exploring, shelter building, wilderness awareness skills, team building, and service project activities. Leave No Trace Ethics are taught throughout the week. The week also includes a stewardship project with a local agency or non-profit. Stewardship projects help children understand the larger picture of land management, volunteerism, natural resources and the importance of giving back. Activities may vary due to weather conditions. Most equipment and transportation is provided. Children need to bring their own bikes and helmets. If a child doesn’t have a bike please contact us and we can help you find one.

July 6-10 Adventure Camp ages 8-10 co-ed $450 Register Here

July 13-17 Adventure Camp ages 8-10 girls only $450 Register Here

July 27-31 Adventure Camp ages 11-14 girls only $450 Register Here

Aug 3-7 Adventure Camp ages 11-14 co-ed $450 Register Here

Aug 17-21 Adventure Camp ages 8-10 co-ed  $450 Register Here

*classes meet 9 am-4 pm each day

*Please choose dates carefully. $40 cancellation fee applies.

*Let’s Get Out is a program of Hood River Community Education.