Health and Safety

At Let’s Get Out we take safety seriously. Our days begin with a briefing about what to expect for that days activity. While there is inherent risk in outdoor activities, we focus much of our instruction around safety equipment and “safe play” practices. This teaches children good habits for enjoying the Columbia Gorge. Our instructors all have current CPR and First Aid training.

Let's Get Out kids tracking on the edge of the Columbia River

Young trackers

  • Sunscreen The sun is intense in the gorge in the summer and winter. we remind children throughout the day to apply and reapply sunscreen. We urge the children to bring their own sunscreen, sun glasses or goggles and hats.
  • Hydration In winter and in summer proper hydration is very important for children while they play outside. We ask parents to send their child to camp with a full water bottle. We will offer drinking water for refilling their bottles while we are out on our adventures. Our instructors will remind and re-remind children to drink their water to make sure the kids stay hydrated.
  • Clothing For both summer and winter trips it’s important to avoid cotton clothing.  For winter trips this is especially important.  When cotton gets wet kids get cold.  Instead pick wool or poly blends and pack an extra layer or two.
  • Nutrition Active kids at camp need a lot more calories than they may at home. Please pack a bountiful and nutritious lunch for your child.
  • Allergies Please tell our Director if your child has any allergies.
  • Other Risks There are other risks inherent with playing outside.  Poison Oak, rattlesnakes and exposure are a few…we do our best to keep everyone healthy and safe.
  • Let's Get Out Campers mountain biking

    Mountain Biking in the Columbia Gorge