Let The Kid Guide

Remember when…

the world felt fresh and new? When you wandered like a dog, asking: What does a wooly caterpillar feel like? Will that frog let me catch him? Where does this path lead? What treasures will I find digging in the dirt? In these bygone days, we took the time to try new things, explore, experiment and play.

To-do lists and smartphones have removed us from this world. We are adults. We have responsibilities. Life isn’t as carefree as it once was. But what if we allowed ourselves these moments everyday? Imagine the joy we could feel, the connections we would make, the purpose we could bring back to our lives.

What is let the kid guide?

“Let the kid guide” is a philosophy that began in childhood and lies deep within our core. It is approaching the world with wonder, awe and openness. It is asking questions and listening to the answers. It is trying something, and trying again and again, not worrying about the outcome. It is connecting to the world, to ourselves and to one another. It is learning and moving on, as opposed to shutting off, stagnating and surviving. Recently this philosophy has bubbled to the surface for us and crystallized into an effective approach as we navigate parenthood, relationships, careers and life.

What we have learned–from our upbringing and love of the outdoors, from our relationships, career path and parenting–has all pointed to the importance of maintaining connection to the kid-like stoke, curiosity and inquisitiveness of a child’s mindset. We challenge ourselves daily: What makes us come alive? What does life look like when our families and communities thrive? What does OUR life look like when we are thriving?

These questions, investigating the answers and, ultimately, the transformation that occurs in the process, drive the “let the kid guide” philosophy. We hope through our photos and stories, musings and mistakes, you will come along with us, share your experiences of laughter and reflection, high-fives and hiccups. A life that is full, vibrant, connected and meaningful, is one worth living. Together let’s put nature back into our lives. Join us on the journey.

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