Welcome to Let’s Get Out

Where we pedal, paddle, explore, stretch, laugh, discover, observe, create, give, connect and have fun!

Here at Let’s Get Out we work our darndest to foster a love of the outdoors through adventuring, exploration and connecting with each other and the natural world. We aim to inspire outdoor skills and habits that encourage life-long participation, sense of wonder, fun and stewardship. We hope that through our camps, books and blog; children, teens, parents and grandparents, aunties and uncles will be inspired and share ways to get outside and thrive together. Because after all we need each other. We need to be able to unplug, stop and breathe deeply together, tap into what makes us and our loved ones feel alive and take moments to hold hands and wonder at a caterpillar chewing the margin of a leaf. Our children, our loved ones, our blue-swirly globe depend on it. Join us on the path. Share what you know with our community. Be a part of our tribe. We welcome you.